What to say to police re unconstitutional stop

An Constitutional Traffic Stop? [U.S. only]

What follows is the proper line of questioning that one should engage an officer in if he/she is stopped for any non-felony reasons. It was developed by an ex-officer, FOR officers (to learn about the U.S. Constitution) .. and of course civilians as well.

If anyone wishes to use this it must be memorized so it can be spoken without hesitation. I actually have it printed and taped to my steering wheel. Most officers will quickly understand the risk they are taking by demanding one’s ID and registration like they currently do.

Constitutional Traffic Stop
by Gerry Donaldson
Driving Rights #1, Awaken America newsletter

“let me see your license and registration”

fine, but i have one question first. can any of the documents you’re asking for be used against me in a court of law?

“yes they can”

OK, and what happens if i dont give them to you, what would you do to me?

“I’ll have to arrest you

so rather than take me to a magistrate as you are required to under the us and state Constitutions, you’re going to seize my body and take me to jail. thats a violation of the 4th amendment. And what would you do to my vehicle?

“i’ll have to impound it.

I take it your not going to compensate me for that, so you’re telling me your going to take my property, another violation of the 4th amendment. In addition, you’ve already told me your going to violate my 5th amendment rights by forcing me to supply something to you that can be used against me.

I’m going to have to give you formal notice. under Title 18 Section 242, that is a violation of rights under color of law, theres a $10,000 fine per penalty or $30,000. Under Title 42 Section 1983 for Civil Rights violations, i can go after you personally for your house, car, and everything you own.

One more question: Did you swear an oath of office to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution in the state of NY. you do realize that by violating even one of these, you forfeit your ability to work in a gov office again.

Are you sure you want to arrest me?

if there are 2 cops, conspiracy Title 18 sect 241 puts them in a conspiracy role. Title 42 sec 1985 is conspiracy for civil rights, so you can go after them for that. when things get to major media people start waking up all over the nation.


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