Template Letters: Return of Faulty Goods under Sale of Goods Act 1979

[Your nameYour addressYour postcodeYour telephone number][Today’s date][Manager’s Name 

 To the Manager Retailer’s NameRetailer’s AddressRetailer’s Postcode]Dear [Manager’s Name 
Sir or Madam]
Subject: Return of Faulty Goods under Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended)
On[insert date], I ordered[insert description of item/s], costing[insert date]. The item was delivered on[insert date].On[insert date], I discovered that the item was faulty. The problems are[insert description of problem/s with the item].Under the Sale of Goods Act 1979, I would like to reject the good/s and want[insert
of thefollowing:a full refund/a repair/a replacement].
[NB. Your entitlement to a refund, repair or replacement will depend on the circumstances. Check Plebble’s Guide toOnline Shopping for more information.] 
I have returned the item according to your returns instructions. This cost me[insert date]inpostage. Please refund me the full cost of this return within 30 days.
[If the company picked up the item at no cost to you, simply delete last 2 sentences from this paragraph.] 
Please respond to this letter within 14 days from receipt.Yours sincerely[
faithfully][Your signature – if a letter][Print your name – for letter or email]Order reference:[give any confirmation number you were given when you ordered]Enclosed/attached docs:[list anything you have enclosed/attached with your letter or email, suchas receipts for postage, proof of posting etc…]

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