Case References for Violations of Constitution

Table of Contents
1. Right to Cross-Examine Fully
2. Unconstitutional Enactments Are Not Law
3. Ex Post Facto Laws Are Unconstitutional
4. The Safety Issue With Respect to “Speed” Is Unconstitutional
5. Indefinite and Vague Speed Laws Are Unconstitutional
6. Invented Numbers Are Unconstitutional
7. Laws Burdening Interstate Commerce Are Void
8. Laws Are Void When Too Voluminous
9. Speed Limits Violate The Constitutional “Right to Travel”
10. Even Assuming Arguendo The Law To Be Constitutional,
The Methodology of Enforcement Must Itself Be Constitutional
11. Officers Themselves Speed
12. Statutory Presumptions Are Unconstitutional Unless the
Ultimate Fact Concluded Is “At Least More Likely Than Not”
13. Signs Must Be Properly Posted to be Valid
14. You Must Be Properly Notified Before Pleading
15. The Right to Jury Trial
16. Adjudicators Must Be Impartial
17. Inconsistency is Unconstitutional
18. Obey Law vs. Custom
19. Beware of Police Perjury
20. Mantle of the Sovereign
21. Subject Matter Jurisdiction
22. References


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