‘Tis the season to prosecute: Gov. Perdue campaign fund exhibits

Gov. Bev Perdue’s Campaign Fund
Table of Exhibits of Violations

1. In 2006, anonymous loans to Perdue campaign fund totaling $296,500.

2. In 2007, loan of $275,000 from corporation Right Stuff Food Stores.

3. Undisclosed loans of $776,500 allegedly from Perdue & Eave’s personal accounts to campaign fund from 2000-2008.

4. Perdue’s Q3-2008 shows loans of $905,000 from Perdue and Right Stuff Food Stores to campaign.

5. Perdue’s 2009 mid-year semi-annual campaign report alleging loans of $926,500 made from Perdue and her husband to Perdue’s campaign fund.

6. Perdue 2010 mid-year semi-annual report stating loan balance of $776,500 due from Perdue campaign to Perdue and her husband, but no documentation to explain discrepancy of 2009 balance of $926,500 and 2010 balance of $776,500.

7. News article stating that Perdue campaign fund spent $80,000 on legal defense in 2012.

8. News article stating that NC GOP leaderTom Fetzer asked DA Willoughby to investigate Gov. Perdue’s campaign fund in 2010.

9. Correspondence from NC Controller’s office stating that the NC State Bar doesn’t report its IOLTA Trust Fund to NC Controller in accordance with Article 3, fiscal duties of state agencies.

10. § 143C 2 1. Governor is Director of the Budget.

11. NC Senate Bill 272 allowing the NC State Bar to evade taxes on its IOLTA trust fund, signed by Perdue, Dalton and Tillis

12. NCGS 163-238: Duty of NC SBE to report campaign violations to District Attorney.

13. NCGS 163.278.14: No anonymous campaign contributions.

14. NCGS 163.278.15: No acceptance of contributions by corporations.

15. NCGS 163.278.16B: Legal defense fund separate from campaign fund.

16. NCGS 163.278(h): The campaign treasurer shall maintain all moneys of the political committee in a bank account or bank accounts used exclusively by the political committee and shall not commingle those funds with any other moneys.

17. NCGS 163.278.32: False information pertaining to campaign funds is Class I Felony.

18. 18 USC 1956(h): Aiding and abetting evasion of a reportable transaction (NC Senate Bill 272/IOLTA).


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Log on to http://carolinacrimereport.com and learn about all the financial crime and court corruption happening in North Carolina that the mainstream media cannot report. Carolinacrimereport has obtained public records that reveal years of tax evasion, embezzling and corruption by public officials and judges that has been and continues to be unaudited and even covered-up. The website explains how financial fraud is easily executed by corporations taking advantage of the lack of LLC and notary enforcement by Secretaries of State. Many Secretaries of State are not tracking LLC corporations annual report filings; and what they describe as annual reports are really just annual filings that provide little information about the company, and none of the information requred by general accounting standards for an annual report. In North Carolina, and in many other states, people are establishing websites, and calling them companies, but they have no federal tax ID number and are not paying taxes. The IRS calls these "fictitious corporations," and its ranked as one of the IRS Dirty Dozen financial crimes. Carolinacrimeport contains links to resources that explain financial crime and offer tips on how you can conduct your own financial crime investigations to protect yourself from becoming a victim of fraud
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